Welcome to the Australian Sleddog Sports Association


ASSA is Australia’s national governing body for Sleddog Sports

About Us

Welcome to the Australian Sleddog Sports Association (ASSA). ASSA is the controlling body for Sleddog Sports through out Australia, which is run by mushers for mushers. We aim to encourage youth development, good sportsmanship, responsible dog care, and enjoyment.


Many ASSA affiliated clubs have their own programs which provide a building block upon which anyone can improve their connection and teamwork with their dog. More than just a sport, we see Sleddog Sports as a valuable addition to the enrichment of dog’s and their owners lives.

Dog sledding down-under? Yep, it's a thing!
✓ No experience necessary
✓ All dog breeds welcome
✓ Strengthen the bond with your dog
✓ Family friendly

Race Class Categories

There’s something for everyone

Not sure which class is right for you? Come and try before you join!

All skill levels are welcome!


Here at ASSA we have a mutual goal at heart

We stand to share the joy of getting outside with your dog and fulfilling their needs. Dog sledding is a great outdoor, family friendly sport that you can enjoy with your beloved furry friend. We have clubs all over Australia, new members are always welcome.

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Whether you’re curious about how it works, where to find us, or even buy equipment, we’re here to answer any questions.