Code of Ethics

  • We will always attempt to profile our sports in a professional manner to the wider community.
  • We will encourage the development of activities and events that expand the profile of sled-dogs sports in Australia, and internationally.
  • We will act in a responsible manner at all times when conducting our sports.
  • We will display good sportsmanship at all sled-dog sports activities.
  • We will encourage all interested parties to become members or affiliates of the Australian Sled-dog Sports Association.
  • We will attempt to stay well informed in sled-dog sports.
  • We will always promote the best care of the sled-dog.
  • We will acknowledge our environmental responsibilities and will promote any environmental guidelines relevant to our sports.
  • We will be bound by the aforementioned ASSA Code of Ethics and abide by the ASSA Social Codes of Conduct.