Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, mushing is for any age or gender. All you need is a passion for dogs and enthusiasm to learn new things. There are separate classes for beginners & children under 15 where they can focus on having lots of fun with their dog.

Unfortunately not. Sled dog racing is a winter sport due to our temperature restrictions in place for dog health and safety. Racing season starts in May and finishes late August to early September.

Dogs must be 12 months old to enter race classes, but it’s a great idea to start training with commands as well as slow, fun activities to carefully begin fitness from a young age.

Absolutely! It is generally thought that only husky type breeds can do the sport, but any dog that shows the desire to pull and run is capable. There is a category for all skill levels and sizes, even if your dog is on the smaller side.

All you need to get started is a lead, enclosed footwear, racing harness, gangline, helmet, or canicross belt depending what you want to try. We highly recommend finding a local club to test all the equipment first to see if you like it before you buy. They can also size your dog properly for you. A full inventory list for beginners can be found in our Beginner’s Guide.

Juniors wishing to be a part of the program must register with their ASSA State Representative at the start of the season, no later than the first weekend of May each year to receive their logbook and welcome pack in time to begin the season. You can also email committee.assa@gmail.com to register.

ASSA has a wide network of experienced mushers and mentors who can provide you with valued information about rules, race dates, memberships, equipment, breeders, vets, and more. We also have State Representatives who are all experienced mushers and can help beginners by providing access to training days, or even meet up to get you going in the sport. See our Beginners Resources for more info!

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