Working Sled Dog Register

Welcome to ASSA's Working Sled Dog Register (WSDR) where you can search pedigrees, register dogs, litters, and prefixes.

ASSA is an official ANKC Kindred body, dogs on our register may apply for acceptance onto the ANKC Sporting Register allowing them to compete for ANKC sanctioned events and titles.

Example Pedigree Certificate
Goldrush Overdrive 2000 Male Eurohound (2020) - Black, White
2014 White Eurohound
2005 Brown, White Scandinavian Hound
1997 Black, White Scandinavian Hound
2004 Brown, White Scandinavian Hound
Akiina's Iines
2012 Black, White Scandinavian Hound
Akiina's Skeet
2008 Black, White Scandinavian Hound
Akiina's Wenla
2009 Liver, White GSP
2016 Black, White GSP
2009 Black, White GSP
2007 Liver, White GSP
2004 Black GSP
2012 Black GSP
2008 Black GSP
2003 Liver, White GSP
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Our Purpose

• To recognise and preserve the working ability of purpose bred sled dogs within Australia

• To establish a database of dogs identified as purpose bred sled dogs within Australia

• To facilitate the transfer of ASSA registered sled dogs to the ANKC sporting register


The ASSA Committee understands there are many ways for our members to keep their sled dogs active during the off-season warmer months and the dogs in our sport can be extremely versatile. Most of the alternative sporting events held in Australia are run under ANKC rules and regulations, and as such, this currently excludes intact purpose bred sled dogs from being able to compete because they are not ANKC registered, nor qualify for the Associate register.


The ASSA WSDR Sub Committee has formed a streamlined avenue for our members to register their dogs with the ANKC through becoming a recognised ANKC Kindred Body. This means our members purpose bred dogs will be able to transfer from our WSDR to the ANKC Sporting Register, allowing them to access a much wider range of all breed dog sports while still being able to remain entire.

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Breeders Prefix Registration or Renewal

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